OLL Curriclum Brief introduction.

This online language learning curriculum is conducted in an institution for the purpose of providing knowledge about British culture to  exchange students who are going to study in Britain for one or two years. By knowing more cultural knowledge, these exchange students would less negatively affected by “cultural shock” and more quickly adapt themselves to the life and study in Britain. In the following paragraphs, more details about the curriculum will be introduced.


The materials in online course are authentic English materials which  consist of videos, pictures, and passages, all of the materials are organized in a sound order and be used in activities for the purpose of increasing learners’ knowledge about British culture and improving their English language proficiency. Besides, some additional Apps such as “Learn English GREAT Video”, “United Kingdom Culture Guide” or “Speaking King”  would be introduced to learners to develop their interests and enhance their study. the online platform of this curriculum is blog, which provides learner relaxed environment  and effective approach  to help learners achieve their educational goals.

2. Target learners:

This Online Language Learning course is suitable for Chinese exchange students  who are going to study in the United Kingdom. therefore, these students’ English language proficiency is good and most of them have high English language proficiency. In spite of this, they know little about the British culture and they hope to enlarge their knowledge scope about British culture. This Online language course aims to provides students such kinds of  knowledge and information about British culture, thus helping them to adapt into British life and study more easily.

3. Communication Element:

The Online Language Learning courses are blending, consisting of students’ online learning and face-to-face class organized by teachers.



Duration time Topics

Online learning

Classroom workshop


40 minutes 40 minutes

British Stereotypes


40 minutes 40 minutes

Cultural Assumptions in Britain

3 40 minutes

40 minutes

Rude Gestures in Britain
4 40 minutes 40 minutes

Body Language in Britain

5 40 minutes

40 minutes

British Small Talk Rules and Topics
6 40 minutes

40 minutes

British Slangs

5. Assessment:

Blending assessment is used to assess this online language leaning curriculum, which consists of face-to-face assessment such as presentation, and role-play in the workshop and computer-based assessment, for example,  searching information on the internet. at the end of the whole curriculum, learners are asked to turn in a paper online, which is a computer-based assessment.

6. Evaluation:

the evaluation is constituted by two parts: formative evaluation  and summative evaluation. The data  used to do formative evaluation is learners’ reflective journal, and the data used to do summative evaluation comes from a poll among learners.

The description above is a brief introduction to this online language learning curriculum, in the assignment, a rationale with detailed critical evaluation will be presented.



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